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About Us

Our Aims

To make our service accessible and convenient for people with mobility problems, families with young children and people that work during normal office hours. 

To provide comprehensive advice that enables you to make informed decisions; To ensure that our published set fees reflect the quality of our service but remain very competitive. Many of our competitors do not publish their fees. A copy of our fees can be obtained with our information pack. To guide you every step of the way.  We will guide you through, and personally supervise, the Will Signing & Witnessing procedure at no extra cost.

What Next?

Step 1

Explore our website or call us on 01704 550207 to request an information pack - it will help you make the most of your appointment with our consultant;
Step 2
When you are ready, call 01704 550207 or contact us to arrange a visit at a convenient time and place to suit you. Appointments last between 1-11/2 hrs per appointment (Appointment Times: 10.30am - 8pm Mon-Fri and 10.30am-12noon Sat). We would be happy to discuss appointments outside these hours.
Step 3
At the appointment the consultant will advise you and take your instructions necessary to prepare your will or other legal documents that you may have requested;
Step 4
At a second appointment (optional) the consultant will go through the document(s) that he has prepared for you and guide you through the signing and witnessing process at no extra cost.

It couldn't be simpler! Contact Us today to arrange a home visit (Daytime or Evening).

Preparing for your appointment

Don't Worry - The consultant will go through everything with you at the appointment. However, for you to make the most of his visit, we would advise that before the appointment you identify the people that are going to be effected by your Will, what assets you have and how you wish them to be distributed. Use the following points as a guide.

A Testator is the person making the Will;

An Executor is a person the Testator appoints to make sure their wishes are carried out – The Executor can be a trustee, beneficiary, relative or friend (Must be over 18 years old and of sound mind). We would advise that you appoint at least two (maximum is four);

A Trustee is a person appointed by the Testator to look after the beneficiaries inheritance until such time it can be released to the beneficiaries - Trustees can be executors;

A Beneficiary is someone (or something) that has something left to them in a Will – The Beneficiary can be an executor, trustee, relative, friend or an organisation (e.g. charity).

Two Witnesses will be required to sign your Will. They should be independent people who are NOT Beneficiaries (or anyone married to them) Executors or Relations.

A Will can be used to specify gifts of money, items, property or businesses. The residue is everything else that has not been identified as a specific gift.

Estate Valuation: Means the valuation of your assets and includes, house(s), investments, savings, valuables etc..

Liabilities: Includes, mortgage, loans, credit cards and other debts etc…

A Donor is a person that appoints someone to have legal authority to manage their financial affairs;

An Attorney is a person that is appointed by a donor to manage the donors financial affairs. An attorney can be anyone that is over 18 years old and of sound mind.
Don't Worry - The consultant will go through everything with you at the appointment.